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1968 MAKO Repairs
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Now that summer is here it is time to make sure your boat is safe.

A few days now will mean a summer with no worries about your boat.

A failed transom can do more than just ruin a day on the water

A Seacast™ replacement can be done in just a few days allowing you to get your boat back on the water quickly knowing your boat will be safe for you and your family.

Order online or give us a call ! We are the only company that will be there to help you at every stage of your replacement from start to finish.

Our FREE SUPPORT STAFF has OVER 32 years of experience at helping customers. We have helped thousands of customers with tech support and we can help you.

Even if you have never done a repair like this before we can make sure your job can be done without trouble.

Seacast™ is almost 3 times stronger than a marine plywood transom!

You must replace All the wood. Use Seacast™ as directed for a safe and permanent repair. 

*For transoms that DO NOT REACH the port & starboard sides...  PLEASE CALL US FOR FREE TECH SUPPORT---There may need more reinforcements for safety issues from the original design (Not a SEACAST™ issue) but we truly care for every customer. We have over 30 years of tech support and know that these type of transoms are not reinforced correctly no matter what you would use to replace the transom. It is what is holding up the transom that needs reinforcements. Again 386-428-4722 and info@transomrepair.net

  • Make sure you have enough fiberglass on hand for the mandatory capping. (See Manual page 9)
  • Order Seacast™ spacers to keep your fiberglass skins in place!
  • Please download and read our FREE Manual prior to ordering. We always send a copy with your order but you should read it before you order to see all the things you will be doing during your repair.

We have a FedEx issue update for shipping costs. We assure you that we always double check for the lowest shipping costs after we receive your order.  If we find a lower cost we will automatically correct your order lower and notify you.

                                           Seacast™ Facts

Seacast™ is almost 3 times the strength of a marine plywood transom.

Seacast™ is Green! it has 35% recycled FRP which gives it it's secret strength.

Seacast™ is .03 pounds lighter than a marine plywood transom, which will not alter the balance of your boat.

Seacast™ does not crack, creep, rot or freeze at any temperature.

Seacast™ is unmatched in impact resistance.

Seacast™ floats and does NOT absorb water.

Seacast™ is drillable & tappable like wood after pouring or self tapping if PVA mold release is applied prior to pouring.

Aluminum Boats

For use in aluminum boats just apply our Aluminum Adhesive Bonder prior to pouring!

If you want to use an American Express card to place your order please call your order into our office during business hours. Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm 386-428-4722


It doesn't matter how large ECO-WOLF, INC. grows, we understand that small businesses are the backbone of our great country. According to the US Small Business Administration, small firms comprise 99.7% of all employer firms and employ more than half of all private sector employees in the United States of America. Here at ECO-WOLF, we purchase resin, catalyst, scrap, and even our buckets ~ over 85% of what goes into a complete Seacast™ kit from local small businesses, and the remaining 15% of necessary materials and supplies from right here in the United States. We save money by not paying extra to have these materials shipped to us from distant locations.

We are proud to be an American company.

Please help us by supporting small businesses whenever and wherever possible.

Don't want to fix it yourself?

Is your life too busy, don't have the right tools, whatever your reason... Bring your boat to one of our recommended Repair Shops, including ours at ECO-WOLF, INC. in Florida.

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After the Repairs

1968 MAKO Repairs
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Repaired Transom

Stringer Skins Rebuilt

Stringers right before
Seacast™ is poured


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